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Act II – Money Legally Laundered – Distribution of Wealth

So this is a corollary to the earlier post ‘ Money Legally Laundered’.

So what will the Government of India do with the such a big booty that they have received due to the stashed black money that would be extinguished (in all probability we are looking at a figure of around 3 lac crores).

The best scenario that comes to mind and am quite sure more than a few of experts are also thinking on those lines – remit the amount directly to the bank accounts of the poor. This is truly the plank on which Modi had fought the General Elections in 2014 – the fact that there is so much of black money sloshing around in the system and if he comes to power, each Indian will have around 15,000 in his bank account. Well, now is the time to put one’s mouth where the money is, literally speaking.

Without doubt that was the reason why every poor person in the country was made to open Jan Dhan Accounts, perhaps this was the idea to crimp the rich off his black money and seed it to the Jan Dhan Accounts.

So as of 9th November 2016, there are near about 25,51,16,805 Jan Dhan Accounts that have been opened (according the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana website). Assuming that the Government gets a windfall of 3 lac crore (notwithstanding how does RBI transfer the amount to Government’s Statement of Accounts) it is highly likely that Narendra Modi is looking to seed each of these Jan Dhan Accounts with this windfall booty.

It is a great opportunity for him to walk his talk and put in some amount in to each of these Jan Dhan Accounts. Depending upon the amount that doesn’t come back to the system and needs to be extinguished, it is a goodish chance that a lion share of the amount, roughly around 2.5 lac crores, will be legally laundered and deposited in these accounts (round about 10,000 per account).

That is truly the levelling the playing field and being the consummate Robin Hood – pinching the rich and distributing in to the poor – the proverbial distribution of wealth, tried numerous times but hitherto never truly brought in to action ever.


Spiritual Corruption

There could be various reasons why people indulge in corruption. But the moot question that one needs to ask is has any one ever considered what constitutes corruption in the first place?

A female executive being ‘over-friendly’ to her boss and getting the undeserved accolades or even brownie points compared to her colleagues also constitutes corruption. An advertising agency asking the client to re-look at the currently running (excellent) campaign to garner a few extra numbers on the top line is equally corrupt. Similarly a company with a squeaky-clean image asking its summer trainees to bribe the machinery since the company and its employees are not allowed to do so is in the quagmire too. So how does one define corruption and does the word mean the same to me as it does to you or as it does to the layman walking down the road?

A professor teaching nothing in schools but taking extra classes for tuition fee at home is corrupt. A person willing to compromise – albeit the extent varies – to shimmy up the organizational totem pole is corrupt. A government, which tries to cover up a multi-crore arms deal kickback, is corrupt. Similarly another government, which tries to cover up a clinical case of ethnic cleansing, is corrupt. There is corruption everywhere – morally, materially or intelligence wise. But there is one corruption which is hurting India extremely bad and this corruption is all pervasive. It would also be present in the select few who have held a few convictions of their own till now. This corruption is age-less, caste-less and class-less. It is an epidemic across the world. It is the age of spiritual corruption.

There are too many intermediate & temporary goals that we have for which there is a lot of clamor. Once it permeates through our mind that the ultimate goal is personal growth that these facades would fall off. Once we tend to understand that at the end what matters is but spiritual perfection that these mad rush for material things cease. Every action, solution has to come out of that very under-pinning and only then would one not find an innocent remark, as “I would do whatever it takes to succeed” It is a very strange situation but extremely true and relevant. If we start being spiritually aware – suddenly moral, material and intelligence corruption starts decimating. It is like the missing link to a huge jigsaw puzzle which when found the puzzle starts solving on its own.

I had read it somewhere that there are four great architects for a nation – the first being the rishi or the seer, the second is a leader, the third – a teacher and the fourth – person of great compassion and love. What better if we find a person who is all-rolled in to one i.e. a loving person who is a visionary and has the charisma to lead a multitude thus naturally teaching and directing us on the path to our ultimate goal! As Plato had commented ‘If an ideal city-state is to ever come into being, then either philosophers must become kings or those now called kings must genuinely and adequately philosophize’.

A nation will build itself if we impart spiritual knowledge and training to it and then moral, material aspects will take care of it by itself. In trying to stem the rot and clean the mess we are just treating the symptoms – the malaise is spiritual stupor and once that is shaken and awaken, the seed will definitely be strong and healthy – spiritually.